The Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange (CONVEX) operates the electric transmission system in Connecticut and western Massachusetts, serving more than 1.7 million people. CONVEX provides safe and reliable electricity to help boost the economy and quality of life for this thriving region's residential and business customers.

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  • Load Shedding
    An almost instantaneous cutting of power to customers because demand for electricity has outstripped supply.
  • Conservation Day
    Public appeal to customers to conserve electricity in anticipation of heavy electrical demand and unhealthy air quality conditions, usually due to humid weather.
  • Power Watch
    Advisories to be announced when conditions are such that further steps to manage capacity could affect the public.

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  • Q: What should customers do with appliances and electronic equipment?

    If power to your home or business is interrupted, the best thing to do is leave only a light or two on -- so you know when power is restored. Turn any air-conditioning appliances off, if possible. Keep any refrigerators or freezers closed as much as possible until power returns.

    Customers are asked to turn off electrical equipment during a blackout so that when power is restored, the system can return to normal as quickly as possible. If large equipment is not switched off, the surge of power trying to restart all of this equipment will trip a circuit breaker again. This could delay by hours the orderly restoration of power to an area.

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