The Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange (CONVEX) operates the electric transmission system in Connecticut and western Massachusetts, serving more than 1.7 million people. CONVEX provides safe and reliable electricity to help boost the economy and quality of life for this thriving region's residential and business customers.

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  • Conservation Day
    Public appeal to customers to conserve electricity in anticipation of heavy electrical demand and unhealthy air quality conditions, usually due to humid weather.
  • Load Shedding
    An almost instantaneous cutting of power to customers because demand for electricity has outstripped supply.
  • Power Caution
    Notification that electric reserves are lower than normal and steps are being taken by utility personnel to maintain the integrity of the on-line generation and transmission facilities.

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  • Q: What effect does a voltage reduction have on my service?

    Generally, a voltage reduction would have no noticeable effect on your service. Standard household appliances and electrical equipment are designed to tolerate a ten per cent change in voltage. Utilities regularly perform five percent voltage reduction tests with little notice to customers. 

    Customers concerned about their electric service or sensitive electronic equipment should check their equipment manuals or with their equipment suppliers about precautionary measures to protect equipment or data. Computer users should save files and data frequently. 


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