The Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange (CONVEX) operates the electric transmission system in Connecticut and western Massachusetts, serving more than 1.7 million people. CONVEX provides safe and reliable electricity to help boost the economy and quality of life for this thriving region's residential and business customers.

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  • Power Caution
    Notification that electric reserves are lower than normal and steps are being taken by utility personnel to maintain the integrity of the on-line generation and transmission facilities.
  • Load Shedding
    An almost instantaneous cutting of power to customers because demand for electricity has outstripped supply.
  • Rolling Blackouts
    Temporary interruption of electrical service. ISO New England would implement rolling blackouts only if and when New England's electrical system is unable to meet heavy peak demands because of an extreme deficiency in the power supply. By temporarily disconnecting electrical circuits on a rotating basis, a majority of customers have power, inconvenience is minimized and a more serious widespread problem is averted. Each rotation is of a specific duration, usually no longer than a few hours, but it could take longer in some locations due to the manual nature of the operation.

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  • Q: How does one qualify to be on the CONVEX Authorized Personnel List?

    Part 1 – A person shall be trained and knowledgeable of all physical and safety requirements necessary to perform switching and tagging related to transmission, distribution and generating plant equipment where applicable. This training is the responsibility of the operating company and/or local dispatching authority/owner of the equipment.

    Part 2 – After the person is trained and knowledgeable in the physical and safety aspects of switching and tagging, that person shall qualify to be on the CONVEX APL only after attending and successfully completing an initial training session, on Eversource TD-800 - Switching and Tagging, presented by a member of the CONVEX staff.

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