The Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange (CONVEX) operates the electric transmission system in Connecticut and western Massachusetts, serving more than 1.7 million people. CONVEX provides safe and reliable electricity to help boost the economy and quality of life for this thriving region's residential and business customers.

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  • Power Watch
    Advisories to be announced when conditions are such that further steps to manage capacity could affect the public.
  • Conservation Day
    Public appeal to customers to conserve electricity in anticipation of heavy electrical demand and unhealthy air quality conditions, usually due to humid weather.
  • Power Interruption Alert
    When possible, the public would be alerted that load shedding or rolling blackouts are imminent.

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  • Q: How do you decide which customers should have their electricity cut?

    Groups of circuits in each utility's service area are picked so a certain amount of demand can be eliminated and the electric system can be balanced. The circuits are from a wide area, so small numbers of customers in varied parts of the state would be affected. Utilities attempt to ensure that facilities such as hospitals, airports, sewage treatment plants and specific sections of large cities served by networked circuits are exempt from these blackouts.

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