Questions & Answers


  • To whom does all of this apply?

    The above applies to Field Personnel for any operating company within the CONVEX Service Area, Generation Personnel for any unit/station connected to the CONVEX Transmission System and any Regional Dispatch Personnel within the CONVEX Service Area.


  • How does one get on the CONVEX Authorized Personnel List?

    After completing the above training session, a person shall be placed on the CONVEX Authorized Personnel List after CONVEX receives a formal written request from that person's supervision indicating their requested level of qualification (R – Request, H - Hold, S – Switch)

  • Why does CONVEX require training to be on the CONVEX Authorized Personnel List?

    For purposes of consistency, as related to the knowledge and understanding of the switching and tagging rules and procedures of the transmission system under the dispatching jurisdiction of CONVEX (OSHA 1910.269(m)(3)).

  • How does one qualify to be on the CONVEX Authorized Personnel List?

    Part 1 – A person shall be trained and knowledgeable of all physical and safety requirements necessary to perform switching and tagging related to transmission, distribution and generating plant equipment where applicable. This training is the responsibility of the operating company and/or local dispatching authority/owner of the equipment.

    Part 2 – After the person is trained and knowledgeable in the physical and safety aspects of switching and tagging, that person shall qualify to be on the CONVEX APL only after attending and successfully completing an initial training session, on Eversource TD-800 - Switching and Tagging, presented by a member of the CONVEX staff.

  • What training does CONVEX require?


    Our procedure requires that a person successfully complete a class on Eversource TD-800 - Switching and Tagging in order to be placed on the CONVEX Authorized Personnel List (APL).

  • How does one remain on the CONVEX Authorized Personnel List?

    The individual will be placed on the Authorized Personnel List (APL) for the location specified by their supervisor. If the individual transfers to another location, CONVEX will need to receive a letter from their Supervisor or New Supervisor that the individual is knowledgeable of the equipment at the new location and request the APL be changed to the new location.

    Everyone on the Authorized Personnel List (APL) is required to attend a one-half day Switching and Tagging Refresher Course every three (3) years to remain on the Authorized Personnel List.