In service since January 1, 1964, the Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange (CONVEX) is an organization of Connecticut and western Massachusetts utilities that joined forces through the New England Power Pool and its former dispatching arm, New England Power Exchange (NEPEX).  CONVEX presently operates as the second largest Local Control Center (LCC) in New England, by load served.  CONVEX operates under the umbrella of the New England Independent System Operator (ISO-NE).

As a Transmission Operator, CONVEX’s primary function is to ensure the safe, reliable and economic operation of the CONVEX transmission system, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, under all conditions. This responsibility is carried out in conjunction with ISO-NE by evaluating, coordinating, and responding to planned and unplanned changes in the connectivity of the transmission system, ensuring reliable service to the electrical distribution system is maintained at all times. CONVEX also monitors energy demand on the system and the resulting impact on power quality throughout the CONVEX system, and performs dispatching functions, including the implementation of emergency actions when necessary, to ensure power quality remains within acceptable tolerance at all times.

The heart of CONVEX is its Operations Center. It features a 10 foot-high, 52 foot-long rear-projection "wiring diagram" of the entire CONVEX system indicating all generation stations, substation and transmission lines. A similar diagram for individual stations and transmission lines can be called up for display at each dispatcher console. Using this technology, CONVEX staff can identify and respond to system problems.  This technology also allows CONVEX to monitor the status of maintenance work taking place on the CONVEX system. The continuous flow of information provides a real-time picture of all transmission and generation stations within the system, as well as transmission ties to neighboring systems. 

CONVEX member companies are:


  • Eversource Connecticut
  • Eversource Western Massachusetts

The United Illuminating Company

Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative:

  • Groton Utilities
  • Bozrah Light and Power
  • Jewett City Electric Light Plant
  • Second (South Norwalk) Taxing District
  • Third (East Norwalk) Taxing District
  • Norwich Public Utilities
  • Mohegan Tribal Utility Authority

Chicopee Electric Light

City of Holyoke Gas and Electric Department

Westfield Gas and Electric

Town of South Hadley Electric Department

Town of Wallingford Department of Public Utilities